Coming soon - VERGE!
A brand new comic full of time-travelling police officers, mysterious assassins, ancient secrets and Vikings fighting Samurai in the streets of New York.
Stay tuned as we prepare our first issue. We’ll be releasing teasers, concept art and other goodies.
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A Viking versus a Ninja. Who would win?

The problem with this scenario is how would a Viking and a Ninja ever meet? Separated by hundreds of years and thousands of miles, this legendary clash of axe and katana seems like nothing more than a wishful fantasy. But the idea behind Verge brings these legendary figures, and many others, together.

New York; a few years into the future. Time travel is invented, bringing thousands of people out of the past and into the present. Vikings, Samurai, Romans, Mayans, Mongols, Cavemen, all trying to carve their own slice of the American Dream. But these colliding cultures from all across history are not a melting pot. They’re a powder-keg.

Connie Liu, a Chinese princess rescued from the past, now hides her identity and works as an NYPD Police Officer, attempting to bring understanding, justice and peace where she can. But her past is catching up to her, a past that could destroy everything.


So who would win in a fight between a Viking and a Ninja? Find out in Verge. 



Connie Liu

Connie was born in 13th Century Beijing, the daughter of the last Emperor of China. At the age of eight she witnessed the Mongol army, with the help of her uncle, destroy her country and decimate her people. Connie and her mother fled to New York. The first eight years of her life were spent in the Imperial Palace. She spent the next twenty in the slums of Chinatown with her mother, carving out a life of bare subsistence.


Despite this, Connie is optimistic, chirpy to a fault and has a deep well of empathy. She not only avoided the despair surrounding her mother and the numerous opportunities for illegal profit on the streets, but joined the police force as soon as she was eligible.


A survival mechanism Connie developed while growing up in the slums was to hide her true identity. She changed her name, got rid of her accent and worked hard to understand her new world in the innate and natural way that only someone born into it could. None of her colleagues suspect she’s a refugee from the past, let alone that she’s the daughter of an Emperor.

2018 © Bryce McLellan

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